Northwest parents and students let off STEAM

Friday, February 17, 2017
Northwest Elementary students and their parents get hands-on experience with the power of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics) at the school's Parents Night at the Martin Community Center Thursday, Feb. 16. Various stations gave participants the chance (clockwise from top left) to test different geometric possibilities by crafting a shape out of pipe cleaners and then dipping it into bubble solution to test which shape of bubble would result, to learn about and complete electric circuits using batteries and light bulbs, to utilize teamwork and engineering with individual strings tied to a single rubber band to expand and collapse the band in order to grab and stack solo cups, and to build a structure out of straws and tape capable of supporting a bucket full of pennies. Additional stations allowed participants to play music on cups filled with water and experiment with different notes based on varying water levels, to craft art at a coloring station, and to earn book prizes by identifying geometric shapes with their use in corresponding sports. (Arron Hustead/Democrat-News)

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