Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor -- Jan. 11, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dear Editor,

I read the news concerning the (Marshall) City Council taking away the right of the constituency to vote on the City Judge, City Attorney and City Treasurer. Is that legal to take away the right to vote for elected officials? No matter what their reasoning, I didn't know that the elected council could do away with our rights to vote for other elected officials no matter what their reasoning. Can they decide the mayor is not doing his job and take control of that office, also because maybe he isn't doing what they think he should?

This happens and people let it go by all the time in other places and we find ourselves less and less in control of our government.

Our city council could have made a case to the public, but they cannot take away our voting rights unless the citizenry allow it to happen. If that is the case Congress could elect our president because we were not doing a good job! If they don't like what some city official is doing, they cannot just arbitrarily take over their rights to be voted in those positions. Don't like it? The city council needs to tell the public about the issues before the elections. I see this as more of a take over. And the idea they know better than the public, whether their accusations are true or not, is not democracy and should not be allowed to go by without serious notice. They prove themselves unworthy of their own positions in so doing, I feel.

Carol Cornine-Brown