Marshall Council approves contracts for MMU, Parks projects, repeals duplicate ordinance

Monday, November 21, 2016

Of five ordinances approved by the Marshall City Council Monday, Nov. 21, two approved authorize Mayor Mark Gooden to execute contracts on behalf of the city.

The two contracts, with the Remsel Corporation, of Columbia, and River City Construction, of Ashland, will allow Marshall Municipal Utilities and Marshall Parks and Recreation to move forward with two pending projects. For MMU, the contract with River City will advance its project to reduce cleaning byproducts (trihalomethanes and halogenic acetic acids) from the water supply, while the Parks contract with Remsel will secure the first phase of renovations at the Lyon Bowl fields.

Through the installation of a new water decontamination system would prevent dead zones from forming in water basins, diminishing the build-up of contaminants. For the last two years, MMU General Manager Kyle Gibbs said notices have been sent out, informing customers of the condition of the water supply. He said some change to reduce the amount of trihalomethanes and halogenic acetic acids was mandated by the Department of Natural Resources, and that this project would meet that mandate. The contract would pay $4,774,000 to River City for its services, with an additional change order for $151,120 to correct a math error by River City in its bid submission.

Gibbs estimated the project could be completed by the end of 2017.

The Parks contract with Remsel, totaling $481,919.90, will include the leveling of two of the baseball fields in the Lyon Bowl, as well as reversing their direction, and also the installation of a ramp from the southern parking lot to the fields in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That project would also include a pending change order that would reduce the cost below $400,000 by removing some non-essential extras that were included in the bid.

Additionally, one ordinance was repealed Monday. The city's audit revealed two ordinances for the same purpose, relating to the the city's lease with MC Power for its Marshall solar farm, City Administrator David Haugland reported. Because the two ordinances created a redundancy, the council voted to repeal Ordinance No. 8279, which was approved by the council in December 2015 and had never been enacted.

Another ordinance passed by the council Monday calls for a general municipal election to take place on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Positions to be elected will include one councilman from all four of the city's wards, municipal judge, city prosecutor and city treasurer.

The fifth and final ordinance approved, made for the appropriation for the payment of accounts out of the different city funds in the following amounts: General Fund $180,623.02, Sanitation Fund $30,739.75, Library Fund $8,665.10, Band Fund $9,468.07, Park Fund $31,01.06, Street Fund $28,830.72, Airport Operating Fund $2,222.18, Martin Community Center $3,083.43, Water Operating Fund $133,107.04, Electric Operating Fund $1,083,300.39, Sewer Revenue Fund $157,450.28, Internet Operating Fund $28,866.30, and Natural Gas Operating Fund $671.87.

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