Slater Schools now part of NASP, school board hears district updates

Friday, November 18, 2016

Physical Education and Athletic Director Bob Gonzalez announced that Slater Schools is now a part of the National Archery in the Schools Program, NASP, during the school's regular board meeting Thursday evening, Nov. 17.

The program enables students to learn to shoot archery and students will have the opportunity to compete in archery tournaments. Gonzalez and High School Physical Education teacher Jordan Harter took an eight-hour instructor seminar to become basic archery instructors. The school also bought $3,600 worth of archery equipment, including 12 compound bows, two bow stands, 10 dozen aluminum arrows, and block targets. First year schools were eligible for a $1,000 grant and the Missouri Department of Conservation reimbursed the school of $1,500, meaning the school actually only paid $1,100.

"I think this is a great opportunity for us to provide the opportunity for our kids to be successful besides every day sports," Gonzalez said.

Archery will be taught during regular school hours for fourth through 12th graders.

Business Management teacher Lauren Crews also attended the meeting to present an idea based on her students' candy bar presentation given at the last school board meeting.

Students in her class were asked to design and make their own candy bars.

Crews asked the board to consider allowing candy bars to actually be made and sold at the school's concession stand. Because of health codes, they would not be able to sell candy bars outside of the school, but if they received a custom order, they could fulfill it. Proceeds would benefit the business and FBLA program. The board gave permission for Crews and her students to move forward with the project.

Superintendent Debbie Gonzalez presented the financial report, noting expenses were $287,000 with a closing balance end of month of $1,260,785.79. The total fund balance was reported to be $1,510,824.17.

Pre-K Teacher and Early Childhood Administrator Cheryl Willis announced the preschool has 18 students enrolled. The preschool also hosted its annual craft fair, which raised approximately $900.

College plans and graduation topped District Counselor Janell Castle's report. College Connections has met with high school students many times during the month, three students went on college visits, and Castle plans to have Slater graduates talk with current seniors about their experience of graduating and life after high school. She also announced that ACT testing for juniors will be on April 19 at the school.

Both Slater Schools principals Becky Drummond and Jessica Clements reported attendance near perfect for all grade levels. Clements said that senior attendance in particular was up to 94.13 percent with total high school enrollment at 127.

Clements reported that the school's mock election, held on election day, Nov. 8, was a huge success. Kindergarten through fifth graders voted only for President using a photo ballot, with junior high and high school students using real Saline County ballots. Results included Donald Trump as President, U.S. Senator as Roy Blunt and Saline County Sheriff as Cindi Mullins. A complete list of results is posted on the school's website.

Debbie Gonzalez said the school's door intercom and audio system was finally signed off as complete.

A routine inspection and cleaning of the school's boiler resulted in finding a broken control.

"They found that the main control of the boiler was dead," Gonzalez said. "That was the main control of the boiler when it was bought."

The school had the option of replacing the entire system, costing $4,400, or upgrading the control to more efficient technology of a cost of $2,500. The school decided to have the control upgraded instead of replacing the entire system.

Gonazalez reported on parent teacher conferences with 77 percent parent participation, the successful Veterans Day program and the 2015 ACT district average score of 18.2.

The board approved a previously tabled bullying policy after board members had ample time to review the changes. The main changes included listing bullying and hazing as two separate categories.

Board members also approved the Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) umbrella insurance policy of $10 million worth of coverage, costing $1,962.

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