Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor -- Oct. 26

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dear Editor and Voting Citizens,

Last year I worked at the polls in Saline County for the first time. After the training session, I distinctly remember how impressed I was with the professionalism and integrity of our County Clerk/Election Authority Debbie Russell and all the volunteer poll workers. They asked detailed questions with the goal of making sure each vote was cast correctly and accounted for.

I worked with veteran poll workers, and again I was impressed that every detail, from being sworn in to filling out the paperwork and returning the ballots to the courthouse, was done conscientiously and efficiently. Google says there are 3,144 counties in our country, each run by people we elect and who are often our neighbors. Regardless of who wins the election, I cast my vote proudly because I know it will be counted accurately and that's what keeps our democracy working.

Kathy Borgman,
Arrow Rock