Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor -- Oct. 21

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear Editor and Voting Citizens,

On Nov. 8 we will be voting on several things. I would like to explain one issue in particular, Amendment 4. This is an amendment to change the Missouri Constitution to "Prohibit a sales tax on services." You might be saying, "But wait, we don't pay a tax on services," which is correct. However, for the last seven years this has been brought up in Jefferson City, even passing the House once. A few other states currently have implemented a tax similar to this and we expect more to follow, the threat is real.

A sales tax on services would affect many of the services we use daily such as:

*Family Services: Day care, rent, health care, self-defense instruction

*Personal Services: Haircuts, manicures, tattoos, dry cleaning, car repairs and funerals

*Professional Services: Banking, accounting, advertising, technical installations and real estate

*Health Care Services: Physicians, surgeons, nurses, physical therapist, dentist, eye doctors and counselors

*Home Services: Construction, plumbing, lawn care, heating and cooling, moving and storage.

Services such as these are currently not taxed. As you can imagine, a tax on these items could be very costly for everyone, especially those who can afford it the least. For example if you currently pay $100 per week for childcare and the tax rate is 7 percent you would have to pay $107. That is a $364 per year increase. Now if you figure in doctor visits, prescriptions and many of the other services, you can see how this could devastate some families or individuals. This would also create more red tape and headaches for small business owners.

A coalition called Missourians for Fair Taxation was formed to address this issue. Members include Missouri Bankers Association, Missouri Broadcasters Association, Missouri Realtors, Missouri Grocers Association, National Federation of Independent Business, Missouri Cattlemen and many others.

When you go to the polls on Nov. 8, I am asking that you vote "YES" on Amendment 4. Send a clear message to stop looking for new ways to tax Missourians and stop wasting tax dollars you already collect.

Thank you for your support and spread the word; vote yes on Amendment 4.

For more information visit www.motaxpayerprotection.com


Robert Ashford


Ashford Agency, Inc.