Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

To the editor,

Before our mother passed away, she made plans to donate her body to the University of Missouri Medical School in Columbia. Campbell-Lewis Funeral Home made all the arrangements for her wishes.

We recently attended a Gift of Body Commemoration Ceremony at the University Medical Center. The service was attended by family members of gifted bodies and was well attended by current students and faculty of the medical school. The faculty stated how important it is for the medical students to have actual bodies to work with in their education. They said at this ceremony that some medical schools are replacing hands-on activities with computer simulations.

After the service, we were greeted by faculty and students who expressed their appreciation to us family members. They conveyed to us their respect for the family members and the donations of the deceased bodies. The medical students have already been through a rigorous selection process to get into a medical school, and the students are from all locations in the United States. We met many dedicated students that have years of training ahead of them.

We understand that this donation by our mother was her selfless act to help with educating our future doctors and other medical professionals. Just like farmers learn farming by getting on the tractor, musicians learn music by playing an instrument, potters learn how to shape a bowl by working on a pottery wheel, hands-on experience is the only way we can teach our future doctors.

This body donation to the School of Medicine is worth consideration.

Henrietta Fenner

Retired Educator

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