Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

To the editor,

Thank you, Mr. Long, for recognizing one of Moving Marshall Forward's goals: transparency. It is that very platform pillar which I considered when addressing the mayor and city council on July 18.

Allow me to add MMF is a movement for positive change in Marshall. We have a platform, and we are thankful for those who support it. We also want to serve our supporters by giving voice to their concerns. MMF has no agreement or arrangement with any elected officials or other organizations.

As you know, last November Marshall citizens approved a sales tax levy increase which was passionately "sold" to them as desperately needed to not only increase city department budgets -- namely municipal services -- but which would also allow for things such as the laying of new sidewalks and demolition of condemned properties. The citizens were told by city officials in office at that time the projected budget shortfall of $300,000 would become even worse if the increase was not passed; the sales tax increased passed. And as you recall, the funds were to go into the General Fund.

Moving Marshall Forward's supporters want to know, what's the plan for the added revenue? As I pointed out above, MMF has no agreement with the city for how that money will be spent. It is not in our control nor do we expect it to be. We -- like you -- would like answers, and if there is a budget shortfall, we deserve to know why and what is being done to address it. Those answers have to come from the mayor and city councilmen. We are anxious to hear them.

MMF believes there has been some real change so far, and that's why we are currently organizing another forum to request information on the actions taken to date so that we may update our supporters.

Please be watching for when it will take place and we would encourage you and all citizens to attend.

Thank you,

Julie M. Schwetz

MMF committee member

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