RECOLLECTIONS -- My first day of school in first grade -- 1935

Monday, August 8, 2016


No doubt, my first day at school in the first grade ended with disappointment for my mother and possibly left me wondering if I really wanted to go back to face some of my friends and others I hadn't had a chance to know.

I was a rather shy child growing up, living on a farm with no other kids to play with and having my mother's two younger brothers, who supposedly spoiled me and gave me their undivided attention. My folks had moved to my grandparents farm so that my father could help grandpa with some of his farming chores along with my uncles.

Of course, when it came time for me to go to school, we moved to Marshall, so that I could attend St. Peter School. Our neighbors a couple of houses west of us were the Twillings and their son, Art, was also going to attend St. Peter School. Both Art and I walked the three blocks to a small frame building on the northwest corner of Ellsworth and Washington. The frame building was replaced with a new brick building some time in 1958. Art had his siblings to support him. I didn't know much about the Mercy Sisters, who taught at the school and was rather apprehensive seeing them dressed in their black outfits. Art had much more confidence and tried to reassure me.

The day started off with assignment of seats and I was placed near the back of the room. Most of the boys were seated near the front, so Art was not seated in my area. The class had been given various directions at the start of the day, like raising you hand if you needed something.

Some time about lunch time, I raised my hand and asked the teacher if I could use the restroom. The teacher requested I wait until lunch, as she assumed I had gone at recess. Not long after, a stream of water began flowing down the sloping wooden floor toward the teacher. (From then on) the teacher didn't hesitate when I raised my hand requesting to use the restroom.