Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dear editor,

I have given this a great deal of thought since Wednesday. I was summoned to jury duty and instructed to check in by 8:30, which I did. There were many people waiting. It appeared to be around the 50 mark. All ages, a few disabled. We were instructed to go upstairs and await further instructions. It was hot in the stairway and the halls, there were seats for maybe 10 people so the rest of us were left to stand on the stairs and the landing in very close, hot, uncomfortable temperatures. Now keep in mind this is 8:30, and by 10 we were still standing on the stairs and landing in the heat with no one telling us anything about what we were to do or what was going on. Finally after 10 we were invited into the air conditioned court room where the judge, lawyers and staff were waiting -- only to be told that we were not needed, that the cases had decided to plead guilty so no trial!!!! REALLY!!!!

I was furious about the heat, the standing on the stairs, the fact that no one cared to tell us anything. I will think long and hard before I waste another morning of mine for this injustice to the people who receive these summons and respond to do their civic duty while the criminal is all comfortable sitting down in the air conditioned court room while sending us no info of what and how long we are expected to tolerate heat, standing, and of course you cannot bring food or drink into the court house, so no water even. We served this county for 52 years with everything we had to give. We have sold our business and are trying to enjoy retirement. I am almost 71 and my husband, Don, is 77 -- how many more mornings do we have to enjoy???? I fear wasting them is not in our plan. Thank you for letting me air this deeply disturbing morning.

Julie Deems Julien