County Commission addresses announcements and administrative tasks

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Saline County Commission addressed a number of administrative tasks and heard several announcements at its regular meeting Thursday, April 28.

The commission also addressed several items in regard to the Saline County Jail, beginning with the second quarter transfer of funds, followed by a few words from Sheriff Cindi Mullins.

Mullins requested a letter of approval from the commission for an agreement that she said will free up a lot of manpower in the jail.

"It's for a commissary system," Mullins said. "They'll be putting in electronic equipment where inmates can order directly through the company. It will reduce the amount of staffing that is required for the commissary for the jail. They'll also be putting in a kiosk in the front lobby, which will allow people to come in and put money on inmate funds through a kiosk system instead of tying up our communications officers with doing that."

County Auditor Tara Vogelesmeier also said the new system will prevent the officers from having to handle any cash for the inmates, as it will all be handled through the new system. The commission approved the request for the letter.

Also regarding the jail, Daniel Kirchoff will be taking a position with the road division of the sheriff's department effective, May 9. Kirchoff has 12 years of prior experience working with the county in both road and jail divisions.

Emergency Management Director Emmit Williams also spoke at the meeting and informed the commission of several informational training classes he attended this past week.

"We were at the CEMA conference and attended a number of hazardous materials classes," Williams said. "The classes were good, the activities at the conference were educational, especially in the area of hazardous materials ... overall it was a very good session."

The commission also approved a funds transfer to assist with an increased fee for guardian ad litum services, which deal with custody hearing, for Judge Hugh Harvey.

The next meeting will be at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 3.

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