Possible grants to aid Saline County

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The County Commission heard about two grants that could benefit Saline County at its regular meeting Tuesday, April 5.

Executive Director Stan Moore of Marshall Saline Development Corporation was present to update the commission on a number of new ventures MSDC is pursuing and to request a letter of support for grant application.

"MSDC is currently in the process of perusing two different grants, one is a USDA rural business development grant ... to help us take a look at some of the projects here to get some advice on what to do with some property like the old hab center ... stuff like that," Moore said. "And the other one is what they call a "tiger grant," it's a transportation grant."

Moore explained the tiger grant will include Saline, Lafayette and Ray County's which have come together in applying for these types of grants, as this will give each county a better chance of obtaining approval if they apply as one entity. He further elaborated that this grant would be used for streets, lights, curbs and other financial needs.

"The time frame is such that we're wanting to get a letter of support from the counties and cities that would be involved in it," Moore stated. "There is no financial obligation to the county or the city ... it would be a MoDOT project but would benefit Saline County."

Moore left an example of a letter of support with the commission to review and noted he will seek further advice at the next meeting in regards to the issue.

County Clerk Debbie Russell noted the April municipal elections were also underway and reported voter turnout thus far was five voters at Orearville, 11 at Hardeman, 41 at Slater, and in Marshall ward one had 105 voters, ward two with 126, ward three with 53 and ward four had 61 as of early Tuesday morning. Russell predicts an approximate 17 percent voter turnout for this election, and stressed how important it is for citizens to get out and vote.

Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner announced a series of informational events to be held later this month at Martin Community Center.

"The Saline County Historical Preservation Commission ... is going to sponsor a program concerning historic preservation, and its called 'CAMP,' ... commission assisted mentoring program," Fenner said.

The event will feature two programs, a full day Thursday, April 21, and half-day session Friday, April 22.

The Commission also approved the Malta Bend American Legion Post 558 to reserve the south side of the courthouse lawn on Nov. 11 for a Veterans Day ceremony.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday, April 7.

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