Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Letter to the Editor,

I grew up in Marshall. Even though I moved away many years ago, I still own property here, and consider Marshall my home. I frequently return to Marshall to visit family, and have born witness to the decay and destruction of the character and very fiber of that which makes Marshall great. Progress is inevitable and necessary, but not at the total expense of history and heritage. Archaic thoughts and practices that block progress are equally wrong. Close-minded attitudes regarding concessions to businesses that offer new jobs is tantamount to fiscal malpractice.

Historically, residents of Marshall were held accountable for the proper maintenance of their properties. Homes were painted, lawns were mowed and vehicles were parked in designated driveways. Today, the peeling paint on many homes would cause the E.P.A. to shudder. Lawns need not be mowed, since the cars parked on them prevent the growing of grass. Collapsing roofs on abandoned store buildings, dilapidated homes and once-thriving businesses closing or leaving the area are all indicative of a much bigger problem. Ordinances are in place to address these and many more issues plaguing Marshall. The current mayor and council are either completely ill-prepared to execute the responsibilities of their respective offices, or worse yet, they are completely unaware that the city they represent is collapsing around them. Are the members of our current administration afraid of angering a few who choose to blatantly violate current ordinances? Do they think no one is watching, or no one cares? Maybe they should be more afraid of those who have the opportunity and obligation to vote them out of office at the next available opportunity.

Even so, I remain proud to say I grew up in Marshall. I am considering relocating back to Marshall with my family and my business. The option is on the table, but a final decision will be delayed until election results are known. If the current administration is allowed to languish in office for another term, I won't be returning.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take notice, please take pride, please take control and make Marshall great again!

John Long

Self Employed