Letter to the Editor

Marshall's political climate

Friday, March 4, 2016

What is the greatest danger facing our nation? In this 2016 year of campaigning, we are hearing that question often. My question is, what is the greatest danger facing Marshall? My answer, "climate change".

I hear the chuckles, but let me say this, I don't fear that the temperatures are going to rise burning our crops while the ice caps melt, flooding our bottom ground. No, I think the greatest danger to Marshall is no climate change at all.

Webster defines climate as "the usual or most widespread mood or condition in a location over a period of years." Yes, friends, not only is our climate the greatest danger, it has already almost done us in.

Recently, some folks in Marshall realized there was no choice. Things had to change -- a lot -- and Moving Marshall Forward was formed. They asked questions and challenged people. They heard, "things will never change." and "I don't vote, it doesn't matter anyway." or "The same old people run everything, and they always will." That's the widespread mood defining Marshall's climate.

The prevailing condition in Marshall over the years -- decline. We've lost three grocery stores and have no meat market. There's basically only one kind of food in town -- its called "fast." Our daily newspaper now comes out three times a week by noon. The square is a ghost town and on Friday night, the most dangerous place to stand is on any road headed out of town.

Arrogance, bureaucracy and complacency. Warren Buffet defined these as the ABC's of decay -- a cancer that will grow and cause even the strongest to fail. Our current climate is that of arrogance, bureaucracy and complacency. Things can change, but it won't be overnight and it will take something from everyone.

Moving Marshall Forward is supporting four candidates for City Council. They will make changes -- changes you can see -- changes that will impact Marshall for good. And MMF will be around for as long as it takes.

You have to demand climate change, too. You have to vote. You have to demand to be heard. You have to expect more of city leaders. You have to show pride in Marshall. Let's clean this place up, take care of our homes and yards. If you see trash -- call it trash and throw it out. Support the schools. Shop locally for everything you can. That's how it used to work. That will work again. It starts with you. On April 5 vote for change!

Kim Duncan
Citizen volunteer