Letter to the Editor

letter to the editor

Monday, February 8, 2016

Letter to the Editor,

My name is Dan Brandt and I currently serve as city councilman in the Third Ward of Marshall. On Monday, Feb. 1, the council voted on a mayoral appointment that has been the subject of a lot of discussion, and I simply want to state my opinion and reason for voting "yes" for the appointment.

I first want to say that we are blessed with good, dedicated individuals who serve on our Utility Board. They possess great administrative and budgetary skills, which are essential to that position. The mayor's letter asked that we appoint Steven Mills to the board for a four-year term. Mr. Mills is the operations manager for Marshall Electrical Contracting with 20 years of experience in the electrical industry. He has also served on the Planning and Zoning Commission. I voted to approve the mayor's appointment because I believe we need a mixture of good administratively skilled board members like we currently have enhanced with new members who have strong technical and industry knowledge about the resources they are governing. Steve would bring that to the board, and I think he would be a perfect fit. Situations like this do bring the question of conflict of interest, but a member must stay within the guidelines of the Code of Ethics for that position. The Utility Board is responsible for the largest entity in relation to the volume of finances of the city of Marshall.

I'm also a candidate supported by, and a member of, the committee known as "Moving Marshall Forward." This committee is not about assessing blame or pointing fingers. It is made up of concerned community members who want to give their time and energy by serving their city with a mission to improve the quality of life for our citizens through strong leadership, financial responsibility, and open-transparent government.


Dan Brandt

Councilman, City of Marshall

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