Friday, November 20, 2015

From the Marshall Writers' guild booklet, Memories/2002

Writers note: Most every Mrs. has a memory of her first Thanksgiving or Christmas as a new bride, who by virtue of her new position, found herself expected to produce the traditional feast of roast turkey with all the trimmings. Here is a story of one spunky new bride and her approach to that challenge.

By Jean H. Klein- Horman

Marshall Writers Guild

In 1949 when I was a new bride, the Kiwanis Club in Versailles, Mo., had a turkey shoot. It was a week before Thanksgiving and I was thinking how winning a turkey at that time would be a good start toward our Thanksgiving feast, so I volunteered to enter the ladies' competition.

We women lined up in front of the targets. I was given a 12-gauge, full-choke shot gun. I had only shot a .22 rifle before and didn't know the difference between the two guns.

The men stood around me, knowing what I didn't know. I aimed at the target and pulled the trigger. The gun flew out of my hands and I fell backwards. One man caught the gun while two others caught me. Seeing the shock on my face, they all laughed. I didn't.

The "winner" of the turkey was to have the most shots in the target. Unbelievably, I won. That somewhat soothed my wounded dignity.

We took the handsome bird home and fed him corn for nearly a week. When the time came for the turkey's demise, I wouldn't let it happen. He had become my pet. What were we to do with him?

We decided to take him to a farm family with several children. If he was on their table at Thanksgiving, I did not want to know.

Jean Klein-Horman/died Dec. 11, 2010.