New conservation agent for Saline County

Monday, November 9, 2015
Agent Chase Wright

Missouri Conservation Agent Chase Wright was appointed the conservation agent for Saline County on Oct. 1. Formerly an agent in Caldwell County, he chose to transfer to Saline County to be closer to home.

Wright was born and raised near Truman Lake where he learned to enjoy hunting and fishing. He graduated from Warsaw High School and attended the University of Central Missouri. He earned two bachelor's degrees -- the first for conservation enforcement and the second for wildlife and natural resources conservation. He also minored in spanish. He and his wife share a passion for hunting and fishing.

"I am very excited to be your Saline County conservation agent," Wright said. "I look forward to meeting members of the community and helping the youth of Saline County discover nature."

Wright stated his goals for his new position will be voluntary compliancy, recruiting new hunters and helping people discover nature. He also has a few reminders about deer season.

Firearms Deer -- November Portion is set for Nov. 14-24. Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Only one antlered deer may be taken and the antler-point restriction applies to Saline County. The antlered deer must have at least four points on one side. There is a limit on the amount of firearms antler-less deer permits hunters may fill in each county. In Saline County, hunters may only fill one firearm antler-less deer permit. (This does not include landowner permits). Be sure to notch the permit immediately after harvesting a deer and get it checked in by 10 p.m. If this cannot be done for any reason, contact the local conservation agent. More information on deer season can be found in our 2015 Fall Deer and Turkey pamphlet or at