Caron CEO Doug Tieman releases his first book

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Doug Tieman

Flying Over the Pigpen: Leadership Lessons from Growing Up on a Farm

As a boy growing up on his family's pig farm in Blackburn, Doug Tieman learned about the importance of taking responsibility, asking for help when he needed it, working hard, delivering on his promises--and much more--from his father. Over the course of earning degrees, facing his own alcoholism and embracing recovery, pursuing a career and establishing his leadership in the addiction and behavioral healthcare field, Tieman frequently reflected on the powerful messages in his father's stories as well as developed his own inspirational lessons. In "Flying Over the Pigpen: Leadership Lessons from Growing Up on a Farm," Doug Tieman offers those messages to inspire and guide anyone on the path to career success. Combining poignant farm memories with practical advice for leaders, the author also reaches out to individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction, reinforcing how his trusted approach to taking carefully-planned, methodical steps towards achieving career goals also applies to recovery.

"Why should anyone read this book?" Tieman asks, acknowledging the impulse to overlook yet another how-to book on leadership. Written in a down-to-earth style, "Flying Over the Pigpen" is simple to grasp and packed with useful information, sensible advice, and interesting anecdotes. It's accessible to anyone -- from high school dropouts to Ivy League grads.

"Most importantly, though," Tieman tells prospective readers and aspiring leaders, "you should read it because you'll get far more than you bargained for."

A testament to the effectiveness of what he preaches and practices, Tieman became a CEO by the time he was 40 and is acclaimed for leading Caron Treatment Centers to its present status as one of the largest and most successful not-for-profit addiction and behavioral healthcare facilities in the country. Caron has residential treatment facilities in Pennsylvania and Florida and regional offices in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Through a mix of engaging, instructive stories and concrete actions, "Flying Over the Pigpen" emphasizes top leadership lessons. Along the way, readers will learn:

--The key characteristic that sets outstanding leaders apart: desire. "The first step to being a leader is wanting to lead," Tieman stresses. All other leadership characteristics (intelligence, diligence, having integrity, and so on), whether a person is born with them or develops them, depend on possessing a true leadership yearning.

--How to plan to be a leader--from carefully choosing targets and setting goals to finding the right organizational culture and seeking out mentors and allies--and why being a "copycat" of exemplary leaders is ... good!

--Why it pays to act like a leader in advance of being in a leadership position, and why great leaders root for their people, care deeply about the work they do, and dare to "sin boldly" -- that is, be decisive and act with gusto. "The only bad decision is indecision," Tieman contends.

--How to navigate their way to leadership success--with pointers on recognizing their own weaknesses, avoiding empowering idiots, getting (and keeping) all employees moving in the right direction, motivating people to exceed expectations and take pride in their accomplishments ... and more.

--Urging leaders to continually learn, move on to the next level of achievement, and give back, Flying Over the Pigpen is a can-do leadership guide for real people with the desire and determination to lead -- and do good!

Caron is encouraging its fans and followers to use the hashtag #FlyingOverDT for all social media content. All author proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to patient scholarships at Caron.

About the Author
Doug Tieman is president and CEO of Caron Treatment Centers, one of the nation's largest providers of addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment for adolescents, young adults, adults, seniors, and affected families.

Taking over the helm of Caron in 1995, he is credited with leading the organization to its current standing as a world-class recovery facility with more than $100 million in annual revenues. Caron operates residential centers in Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas, as well as regional offices in Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. One of five sons raised on a family pork farm in rural Missouri, Tieman achieved his dream of becoming a CEO by age 40. He struggled with alcoholism and remains in recovery. Married and a father of four, he lives in Pennsylvania.