Foothills Fest donates to Saline County Career Center, Huston Mull/Joey Rector scholarships

Monday, October 19, 2015
The members of the planning staff for the annual Foothills Fest, aka the "Foothills Fest Family," pose with the recipients of the respective donations Friday, Oct. 16 at the Saline County Career Center. Pictured from the left front row: Lorena Reyes, Adam Arth, Michael Cloe, Felicia Dillon, Julian Soto, Charles Thompson and Derek Lark. Pictured from left back row: Rusty Wilder, Robin Mull, Brenda Mull, Phyllis Rector, John Rector and Randy Plattner. (Lucas Johnson/Democrat-News)

The Foothills Fest organizers presented three $500 checks at the Saline County Career Center Friday, Oct. 16.

The first check was presented to John and Phyllis Rector for the Joey Rector scholarship fund. According to information from Derek Lark, director of the Saline County Career Center, this scholarship was created by the SCCC's Auto Mechanics program with proceeds given by the Rector family.

Another check was presented to the SCCC's Culinary Arts Program and Chef Lorena Reyes said the check will be used to start a scholarship program for graduating seniors planning to pursue a career in the culinary field.

The final check presented will benefit the Houston Mull scholarship fund, which the Marshall FFA chapter has long supported.

"I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the organizers of the Foothills Fest," Lark said. "It is great to see younger individuals from our community put in the incredible amount of time and effort, as these individuals have, all with the purpose of promoting our community and giving back to it. What a great example these young adults are setting for all of us! I hope everyone is able to come out and support their event next year; they truly try to make it a great experience for those of all ages and interests. On behalf of the Rector and Mull families, and SCCC's Culinary Arts program, Thank you!"

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