Man charged after allegedly fleeing arrest

Monday, October 12, 2015

On Oct. 4, the prosecuting attorney of Saline County charged Dontri Marvell Harris, 33, of Marshall, with two class D felonies for driving while license revoked or suspended, and resisting arrest by fleeing and creating a substantial risk of serious injury or death to any persons.

Circuit Court documents show a man later identified as Harris, was a subject stopped at a sobriety check point on Highway 240 near Lincoln Avenue on Sept. 17. When officers asked him for his driver's license he informed officers he did not have it.

When he was directed to exit the vehicle, he moved the vehicle forward as if to park on the shoulder of the road. He was ordered to stop and place the vehicle in park. He was then seen to lean over as if to get something from the glove compartment, put the vehicle in reverse and began to move backward.

Reports show officers yelled at the driver to stop and began perusing the vehicle on foot.

The driver continued to drive in reverse traveling eastbound in the westbound lane and cross the center line almost striking a Marshall police vehicle.

He then swung back into the westbound lane and continued eastbound.

As he cleared the checkpoint area and with two officers now in vehicle pursuit, he turned his vehicle around and turned east on Highway 41 at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.

Officers ceased their attempts to stop the vehicle when it reached Clemen's Pool and Spa on Route 240 for public safety.

Reports show officers were able to trace the vehicle's registration to a resident in Sedaila, and by following her Facebook page were able to identify the driver as Harris and locate his place of employment. A warrant for his arrest was issued and served on Oct. 4, and he is currently in custody of local law enforcement.

Harris's driving status is currently revoked for three active revocations, and is on probation for felony theft and non-support.

He has a criminal history of second degree assault, felony driving while revoked, unlawful use of a weapon, armed criminal action, felony resisting, driving while intoxicated, felony leaving the scene of an accident, felony theft and possession of a controlled substance.

If convicted, Harris faces up to seven years with the Department of corrections, or up to one year in county jail and/or up to a $5,000 fine for both charges.

Editor's note: Charges contained in reports provided by law enforcement officials are not evidence of guilt. Evidence supporting charges must be presented before a jury, whose duty is to determine if the accused is guilty or not guilty of the charges.