Southeast Elementary hosts oral hygiene seminar

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
The Tooth Wizard prepares two volunteers Wednesday, Sept, 23, as Plaque Man looks on in imminent defeat as a result of good flossing.

The students of Southeast Elementary in Marshall were privy to a special assembly Wednesday, Sept. 23, where the Tooth Wizard from Delta Dental's Land of Smiles demonstrated proper oral hygiene.

Beginning with a short introduction, the Tooth Wizard quickly captivated his youthful audience with an enthusiastic demeanor complemented by a humorous quip here and there. Not long into his presentation, the Tooth Wizard crossed paths with his arch nemesis Plaque Man. After an explanation to the kids of what plaque is and how it can harm teeth, Plaque Man and the Tooth Wizard proceeded to teach the children all the ways they can take care of their teeth.

The Tooth Wizard began with brushing, stating the best way to brush the teeth is in small circles and elaborated more about the importance of brushing. Meanwhile, Plaque Man proceeded to deposit small bits of fuzzy material representing plaque on the model mouth used in the presentation. The Tooth Wizard then gathered a few volunteers from the audience, armed them with enlarged toothbrushes and proceeded to instruct them in the best brushing technique while removing the plaque from the model.

The process was repeated, covering flossing techniques and the use of mouthwash, with Plaque Man humorously posing a thorn in the Tooth Wizard's side at every turn. Yet he was consistently defeated by the volunteers who demonstrated proper oral hygiene. The event concluded with the Tooth Wizard finally vanquishing Plaque Man with a giant toothbrush, as the kids chanted "brush, brush, brush ..."

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