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Monday, September 14, 2015

Tuesday, Aug.4: first-- C. Peterson/S. Repp, second -- C. Diehm / D. Diehm, third -- M. Kimbrell/G. DeMoss. Friday, Aug. 7: first -- R.A. Heinzler/ C. Peterson, second -- C. Diehm/R. Robbins, third -- A. Fenner/ D. Castle. Tuesday, Aug. 11: first -- C. Peterson/ J. Hartley, second -- M. Fenner/H. Fenner, third -- R.A. Heinzler/A. Meuschke. Friday, Aug. 14: first -- S. Meuschke/A. Tobin, second -- C. Peterson/ D. Diehm, tie for third --- P. Marshall/A. Fenner and G.C. Redford/S. Rapp. Tuesday, Aug. 18: first --W. Elsea/ E. Elsea, second -- R.A Heinzler/B. Cleary, third -- M. Fenner/H. Fenner. Friday, Aug. 21: first -- R.A. Heinzler/J.Hartley, second -- G.C. Redford/P. Marshall, third -- B.Cleary/S. Meuschke. Friday, Aug. 28: C. Peterson/R. Dimond, second -- M. Fenner/H.Fenner, third --S. Robbins/G. DeMoss.

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