Letter to the Editor

leter to the editor

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When I was leaving Walmart recently, I was in a hurry to pick up my grandchildren at school. I was rushing to push my cart into the cart rack in the parking lot so I wouldn't be late. I made it on time, but when I returned home, I didn't have my purse.

I began to panic at the thought that I might have left my purse in the cart. I drove back to the place where I had left the cart, but my purse was not there.

I parked the car and ran into the store to the service desk. I asked the clerk if a purse had been turned in and, after I described what it looked like, the clerk smiled and said "yes." I was so relieved as she handed it to me.

I asked if she knew who the "Good Samaritan" was who turned it in; she did not know. Nothing was missing out of my purse, not even the cash that was lying loosely in it.

I am truly grateful for people's honesty -- that there are still people willing to do the right thing when they could have ignored it because they didn't want to sacrifice their time, or taken advantage of the situation.

Joedy Darling


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