County Commission clears large list of to-dos

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Saline County Commission met Thursday, July 16, with a full load of items to be addressed during the morning's session.

Leading off, Northern Commissioner Charlie Guthrie informed the commission that the new financial management program software recently obtained by the county will have a few changes in its acquisition. The new plan will be a lease agreement and not an actual purchase. The lease will last for a period of seven years and Guthrie informed the commission of an alteration in the original price as well.

"We've had a modification from the $69,000 to approximately around $62,000 and we're leasing instead of buying," Guthrie said.

Also noted at the meeting was word from Rich Rhodes with Rhodes Engineering of Brookfield, that the Grand Pass bridge project in coming along and is currently ahead of schedule. The estimated completion time for the project --weather permitting-- is set for September of this year. Guthrie also noted Brad Bartlett, the courthouse sheriff's deputy, will be taking full time employment as Guthrie explained further.

"The intention was to have someone on board when court was in session, but their are other times when they need a full-time deputy when they are here and the commission concurs with (Sheriff Wally George) about providing adequate personnel to be here even when court is not in session," Guthrie said.

The commission also approved a transfer of a pre-budgeted $251,000 from the county to the Saline County Justice Center, which Guthrie said was a routine transfer of funds set forth by the annual budget. In addition, the commission also approved two liquor licenses for Angie's Bar and Grill and North-side Enterprises in Marshall. The commission approved the measure to employ Bartlett full time effective Monday, September 20.

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