Teens Gather on MU Campus for 70th Srate 4-H Congress

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Saline County Youth in attendance: Amanda Newman, Vivian Buie, Blake Summers, Rachael Bagnell, Katie Miles, and Regional 4-H Youth Development Specialist, Taylor Bryant.

Youth from every corner of the state gathered on the University of Missouri campus May 28-30, for the 70th annual State 4-H Congress. In all, 216 teens ages 14-18 participated in a variety of hands-on workshops that fit their interests. Choices ranged widely, from leadership development to acting, writing, and meteorology.

4-H is about setting your life course on a higher trajectory," said Taylor Bryant, Regional 4-H Youth Development Specialist. "State 4-H Congress helps teens develop important life skills, explore careers and make positive new friends from across the state."

State 4-H Congress delegates also elect 36 peers to represent them on the state's 4-H council for the coming year. This council works with faculty from MU and Lincoln University to provide a youth voice in the continued development of Missouri 4-H programs.

4-H in Missouri is a program of MU Extension. Over 22,000 Missouri children and youth participate in 4-H clubs, and over 206,000 were reached by Missouri 4-H programs in 2014. Research shows youth involved with 4-H more likely to pursue careers in science, excel in leadership, have higher educational goals, and embrace fewer unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol and tobacco.

For more information about Missouri 4-H programs, visit http://4h.missouri.edu .