Letter to the Editor

No opposing view has been presented

Friday, March 27, 2015

I for one fully intend to vote against this proposal.

I have been pleased to read the published letters to the editor from Roger Blakely and Della Newman. I do not detect any factual errors or wrong evaluations in their letters. I have waited in vain to read information in The Marshall Democrat-News from the other side. If this were a stand-up debate, and I were a debate judge, Blakely and Newman would have all the winning points and the other side would have zero. I think it is safe to say if the other side had factual and persuasive information, then they would be sending it to the MDN for publication. In its absence, I am concluding they do not have it and this proposal is merely another attempt by a largely low-grade public school board to grasp for more money from us and power that they do not need. I evaluate the members who were in those offices to be low grade performers and also intend to vote for their competitors on each and every ballot.


John Rosenbaum,

Marshall, B.A., M.A., further M.S.W. studies, clinical caseworker, Missouri Department of Mental Health -- Marshall Habilitation Center, retired