Letter to the Editor

Medicaid Reform

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear Editor,

The discussion of Medicaid Reform has been going on in the Missouri State Legislature for the past three years and nothing has been accomplished. Just like Washington, D.C., politicians, those in charge in Jefferson City keep kicking the issue down the road instead of addressing it. Waste, fraud and abuse is running rampant in Missouri's Medicaid system; hospitals and doctors are not getting paid for treating uninsured patients, and that cost is being passed on to paying customers. What's worse is that Missouri's hospitals are facing $4 billion in federal payment cuts in the next five years; this will lead to layoffs, hospital closures and lack of access especially in rural areas. In fact two rural hospital have already closed in the last six months.

State Senator Ryan Silvey recently filed Senate Bill 419, a bill that addresses these issues and fixes Missouri's medicaid problem, Senate Bill 419 is an innovative approach that finds a conservative Republican Missouri Specific solution to waste, fraud and abuse in Medicaid, while promoting personal responsibility, ensuring quality of care, and providing access of coverage to many hardworking Missourians. Senate Bill 419 uses a "Block Grant" approach to ensure state control over expenditures to empower Missouri to enact Missouri-based solutions. We can't let politicians stand in the way of reform any longer. Missouri can do better!


Ron A. Ott

Fitzgibbon Hospital,

president and CEO