Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:Is this a joke?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It was with total disbelief that I read the headline, and then the article in The Marshall Democrat-News on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015, stating that the Saline County Historical Society is suing the city of Marshall. What cloud do these people live on? It is despicable that the officers in charge will not open the museum for all to enjoy, and then on top of that insult, they want to hatch up a law suit, causing further problems and financial stress for the city and its citizens.

To date, I have written two Letters to the Editor, asking the people in charge of the SCHS to please come forward and tell us when they plan to open the museum. Who are these mysterious officers, how much does it cost to join SCHS, when, where, and how often do they meet. So far they have not come forth with any answers whatsoever. They must have as much problem with answering simple questions as they do reporting to the State Historical Society and also paying dues to them. Unless this is a secret organization, and it sure appears to be, then they should have no problem answering the above questions.

Actually, I did get one reply from some old fool that said he lived in the southwest part of the county. His phone call was on the morning of July 4, 2014. It seemed that the gist of the conversation was a scare tactic to shut me up, and quit pointing out their failures via the newspaper. Right away he gave me his credentials. He said that his ancestry in Saline County went all the way back for 248 years! I thought that was ironic since we were celebrating the 238th birthday of our nation that very day. Wow! Impressive! Then he went on to say that HE ALONE had managed to keep my letter to the editor out of the media AND the national newspapers. Wow! Double impressive! What a man! The poor man really wasted his dime, because I shot holes in every stupid comment he made. He said that it took Adrian County seven years to get their museum open to the public, so I guess he was implying that time is not an important factor, and Adrian County's dateline was as good of excuse as any. He finally became so frustrated with me that he asked permission to turn my letters to the Democrat-News over to the media and national newspapers. I said, "Go for it, buddy," and hung up.

We are lucky that the Marshall library has been accepting historical matter and cataloguing it for all of us to access. At least we have some history that is available, and not hidden behind brown papered windows. At least we have been told that is where the SCHS has some of OUR history stored. Who knows for sure?

Betty Sue Simonson