Nationwide 'Cop' events come to Marshall

Thursday, February 12, 2015
(Kayla Nilges/Democrat-News)

Law enforcement officials across America are striving to promote community connection through 'Coffee with a Cop.'

The program, established by Hawthorne, Calif., Chief of Police Robert Fager, was designed to address local concerns in a genial environment. Fager and his colleagues proposed the idea to the U.S. Department of Justice, and were awarded roughly $399,989 in grant money to expand on their vision.

Marshall Police Department hosted 'Coffee with a Cop' Wednesday, Feb. 11, at McDonald's. After the success of "Bowling with a Cop," which took place Feb. 4, officers were eager to sustain the momentum.

Public Information Officer Roger Gibson headed 'Coffee' and reported that Marshall citizens had approached him with traffic law and landlord tenant law concerns, as well as how many officers were assigned to the department.

McDonald's breakfast rush was in full swing, bringing a multitude of different age groups and inquiries.

"This way we can get input from the public in a neutral place," Gibson said, describing MPD's desire to hear from citizens in a conflict-free setting. "This way, we're away from all that. Here we are. Let's just talk."

Police Chief Mike Donnell said he hopes to hold more occasions around the area.

"We've talked about going to different locations, and that way people who can't get out, get around, will have the ability to interact." Donnell said.

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