MVC Pre-K shows off holiday spirit

Friday, December 12, 2014
Pre-K Students act along with the narrative of "the manger bible story" Thursday night Dec. 11 at Missouri Valley College. (Lucas Johnson/Democrat-News)

The Missouri Valley College Pre-K lab students performed their rendition of several Christmas stories Thursday evening, Dec. 11, at Missouri Valley College.

Ledawn Stephenson, director of the pre-school at MVC, explained a bit about the play and what it entails.

"The 3-year-olds will be performing the manger Bible story in costume, and the 4- (and) 5-year-olds, which is our Pre-K group will be performing ''Twas the Night Before Christmas' in costume," Stephenson said. "The book will be read and they will do the actions to what is being read."

The performance and reading began with each student in costume entering on stage as their role was read in the book. Kids dressed up as farm animals, the sun, Mary and Joseph and wise men, who all came out to perform the actions along with the narrative.

Stephenson explained how preparation for the play begins just before Thanksgiving and a total of 24 students were in the performance. The acting portion of the spectacle segued into Christmas carols, and all students took the stage for the musical finale.

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