West Central Missouri Show-Me - Select Replacement Heifer Sale: Kingsville - Kingsville Livestock Auction 11/29/14

Monday, December 1, 2014

Receipts:  298    Year Ago:  291   

   Sponsored by Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers, Inc., University of 
Missouri Extension, University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program, MU 
College of Veterinary Medicine, and Missouri Department of Agriculture. 

   All heifers in the sale have met minimum standards for reproductive 
soundness, pelvic size, body condition and weight. A strict immunization program 
has been followed including Brucellosis calf-hood vaccination and tested 
negative to PI BVD. Heifers were bred to bulls meeting strict calving ease/birth 
weight EPDs. Projected calving dates were given with all heifers expected to 
calve from February 1 through April 24th. All heifers on offer were screened for 
blemishes, muscle, frame, body condition score (BCS) and disposition by a 
screening committee consisting of official graders from the Missouri Department 
of Agriculture, then sorted into lots according to calving dates and similar 
body types. A near capacity crowd was on hand to see the 298 heifers that sold 
in 99 lots. Most of the consignors were long time participants of the Show-Me-
Select Heifer Program and the quality and condition of the offering was 
excellent. All heifers were in the 2nd and 3rd period. Nearly 60 percent of the 
heifers on offer were AI bred and averaged 205.00 per head more than their 
natural service mates. Sale average for the 298 head was 2769.00 per head, 
686.00 more per head than the November 2013 sale. The top selling lot, consigned 
by a local reputation producer, brought 3750.00 per head. Eight lots sold from 
3300.00-3750.00 per head with 21 total lots bringing 3000.00 or more per head.  

   Replacement Bred Heifers:  Large 1  1100-1400 lbs 2nd and 3rd stage 3000.00-
3500.00 per head, few pkgs 3650.00-3700.00, few late sales 2700.00-2850.00.  
Large 1-2  1100-1300 lbs 2nd and 3rd stage most 2500.00-2700.00 per head, few 
pkgs fancier 2800.00-3000.00.  Medium and Large 1  950-1200 lbs 2nd and 3rd stage 
most 2900.00-3300.00, few pkgs extra fancy/registered 3450.00-3750.00, several 
late sales 2600.00-2750.00.  Medium and Large 1-2  900-1200 lbs 2nd and 3rd stage 
2475.00-2800.00 per head, small pkg fancy baldies 3000.00.  Medium 1-2  several 
pkgs 900-1100 lbs 2nd and 3rd stage 2350.00-2650.00 per head, single head lot AI 
bred red heifer 2900.00.    

Source:  MO Dept of Ag/USDA Market News Service, Kingsville, MO
         Tracey Thompson, Market Reporter, (573) 751-5618
         24 Hour Market Report 1-573-522-9244
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