The Morton Sisters: trio in harmony

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
The Morton Sisters are (from left) Rebecca, Leesa and Jessica Morton. (Contributed image)

The Morton Sisters, who are an up-and-coming musical trio, recently entertained at The Marshall Democrat-News car show on Oct. 4. The group's output ranges from gospel, country, Broadway, oldies (40s-70s), with some rock and a-cappella as well.

The three sisters -- Leesa, Rebecca and Jessica -- have always expressed a passion for music, and Leesa describes how the group's musical career has begun to advance over the past year.

"We've always wanted to sing, ever since we were young," Leesa said. "But I guess the opportunity and timing just was never right, so I'd say about a year ago was when we really started singing together again and wanting to make it something serious."

Leesa described what the most important aspect of a performance is. For her, it's the connection with the audience.

"When your singing, you always want that audience connection," Leesa said. "We always get positive feedback from our audience or congregation that somebody was touched."

Speaking about her favorite part of singing, Rebecca said being able to share the talent the Lord has given them has been her most memorable part of the experience.

"We were singing at a Methodist church near St. Joe, and that one probably sticks out the most right now," Rebecca said. "Just the way we sang our songs, there was that special connection like Leesa was saying. It just really flowed and, I think, impacted people's lives."

Standing up in front of a crowd for a live performance can be a daunting task. Rebecca said you never stop thinking for a second, and the people -- as well as the words and the songs -- are among the many things they focus on during their performances.

"As a group, we have to constantly be listening, so there's really no moment that you're on auto-pilot, you're always thinking," Leesa said.

When speaking about their inspiration to sing and where they draw their support from, all three agreed their mother was the biggest supporter of the group.

"She's always encouraged us, it's always been up to us what we want to do with our singing," Leesa said. "She's always been our backbone, our anchor, the force that keeps us going, but it's never been like, 'You have to do this.'"

The three agreed in the future they would like to write some of their own material and speak about where they would draw their inspiration.

"I would definitely say always keep the Lord number one, so our influence would definitely come from God," Leesa said.

Rebecca and Jessica both remarked any past experience could be an inspiration -- a sunny day, a flower, and so on could all come into play.

When asked how each unique style of singing affects the group, they explain molding the styles together has given them an opportunity to really feed off each other's talent. Leesa, having a background in opera, stated she's had to "rein it back a little," and Rebecca explained she and Jessica have had to tune in and blend the three voices into one sound.

Leesa explained they do tailor their singing depending on the different styles and eras of music.

"We do try to fit that or adapt that, but not lose our sound in the process," Leesa said.

"We try to adapt but then have our signature sound in there, so you know it's us," Rebecca said.

The three all voiced that their focus presently is on the group. However, when asked if they would ever pursue individual careers in the future, all expressed interest.

The Morton Sisters will be performing at the Marshall Senior Center 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 25, and will be at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church during Sunday service that same weekend.

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