Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: MPL in search of local cookbooks

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Marshall Public Library Local History and Genealogy Section has a small collection of Saline County cookbooks. Food and cooking tell the story of a place. There are also genealogical and historical ties--through family cookbooks, as well as churches, organizations and schools. The Pennytown cookbook is a treasure of information about the people and the history of the area.

Among the most valuable cookbooks in the collection are those published by The Marshall Democrat-News. There were at least 17 editions published. The Library has the third (1982); the sixth (1988); the seventh (1989); the ninth (1991) and the 17th (1999).

If anyone has missing editions they would like to donate, we would be happy to have them and add them to our collection. If you have other Saline County cookbooks sitting on your shelf which you are not using, we would also be glad to put those in the collection. These local cookbooks will remain valuable for future generations.

For more information, please call Wicky Sleight (660) 886-3391 at the Marshall Public Library.

--Wicky Sleight, Marshall
Marshall Public Library director