New Holland's 2015 hay and forage lineup

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One month prior to the official launch date, New Holland gave media a preview of its new farm equipment lineup for model year 2015. Mark Hooper, New Holland's marketing director for North America, says 2015 is a significant launch year for hay and forage equipment, in particular, which is where the company has its roots. Over half of the new products, and there are 25 of them in all, are designed for this segment.

New Holland's new hay and forage lineup includes balers, wheel rakes, self-propelled forage harvesters, self-propelled windrowers, mower conditioners and new mid-size tractors. (We covered products in the cash-crop segment in an earlier report).

Products reps gave us a walk-around tour of each product in July, during the company's preview event held at company headquarters in New Holland, Penn. Here's what we learned.

Speed Rower self-propelled windrower (Contributed image)

Speed Rower self-propelled windrower

New for 2015, New Holland has introduced a new series of Speedrower self-propelled windrowers, a flagship product for dairy and livestock producers. The new series comes with an anniversary decal to mark the company's 50th year of producing the product. The one here doesn't show the decals--those were added later for their first debut at the Farm Progress Show. The models in the series are equipped with new ECOBlue Tier 4B engines that use a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce emissions. New Holland says the engines are tuned for performance, not just emissions, offering improvements in both power and fuel economy. A programmable throttle allows the operator to set the exact engine speed needed. Compared to the Tier 3 Speedrower units, the new 4-cylinder Speedrower 160 achieves a 20 percent increase in horsepower, while the 6-cylinder Speedrower 220 and 260 units increase engine horsepower by 10 percent, as stated in the company news release states. Fuel usage is also significantly reduced, showing a16 percent drop in the 6-cyl. unit and 37 percent drop in the 4-cyl. unit. Cooling capacity on Speedrowers has been expanded. The rotary air screen is larger and made of steel to create a tight seal, resulting in better engine performance. A deluxe cab is now standard equipment. Independent rear axle suspension and Comfort Ride cab suspension provide for smooth, responsive handling that lets the driver increase speed on uneven terrain. A new, optional Delphi satellite-capable radio with Bluetooth technology provides for hands-free communication.

Roll-belt round balers (Contributed image)

Roll-belt round balers

Last year New Holland introduced the Roll-Belt 560, a variable-chamber round baler that produces 5 ft. x 6 ft. bales. Now the company is adding three other models to complete the family and provide more size offerings for livestock operators and custom balers. The new models are the Roll-Belt 450, 460, and 550, which offer bale widths of 4 ft. x 5 ft., 4 ft. x 6 ft., and 5 ft. x 5 ft., respectively. The balers replace the BR7000 series. New Holland says the new Roll-Belt Series represents an entirely new generation of round balers. Their value is described as "20-20-20," which stands for 20 percent more capacity, 20 percent more power available to the belts and 20 percent more puncture-resistant belts than the series it replaces. The capacity is achieved without sacrificing bale density, New Holland says, adding that it actually increases density by 5 percent. 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Roll-Belt round baler, so the new models are marked with an insignia on the side.

Maintenance-free endless belts

The belts on the new Roll-Belt series are 7 inches wide, providing a larger contact area for the crop, which reduces crop loss. The belts are called endless because there are no joints, which New Holland says make them stronger and able to produce more uniform bales. The belt surface has been re-engineered to be self--cleaning.

BigBaler 230 Model addition

The BigBaler 230, shown here, is a model addition to the company's line of BigBaler large-square-balers, claimed by New Holland to be the number one sellers world-wide. This new model produces a 2-ft. x 3-ft. x 8-ft. bale, putting it in the smaller size bracket. Its size makes it a good choice for farmers who want a smaller, lighter bale that is easier to handle, New Holland says. The 230, even though its smaller, features the same high-capacity features found in the rest of the series. These include the MaxiSweep pickup, matched-width feeding, and a pre-compression system. In conjunction with the new model, New Holland has launched the 600 Series hay preservative application system for large square balers. It automates the process of applying hay preservatives to integrating with the tractor's Precision Land Management display and the baler's electronic controller.

S-Shaped panels

These side panels on the baler pick-up feature an S-shaped design to handle bigger swaths.

ISOBUS compatible

The Roll-Belt baler is fully ISOBUS compatible. A single plug in back lets the operator get by with only one monitor in the cab to control all tractor and baler functions.

QuickMax knife-change system

Also new for 2015 is the QuickMax knife system, a new option New Holland designed to make it easier to change cutterbar blades on all of its equipment. New Holland says the new system takes the process of changing blades from minutes to seconds.

DuraVee wheel rakes

This wheel rake is part of a new line of DuraVee trailing wheel rakes that have been beefed up for added durability. The rakes are designed for high-speed, high-volume hay raking. There are seven different models that range in raking widths from 17 feet 5 inches (8 wheel) to 36 feet (20 wheel). The one shown here is a deluxe model, with a larger, 4x6 mainframe, relocated transport steps, reinforced wheel forks, and larger dia. wheels compared to prior series.

Pro Work Tools

The company also showed us its new Pro Work Tools commercial-grade equipment, which includes loaders, telehandlers and attachments. New product offerings in this segment are making it possible for New Holland to provide full bundles of equipment to landscapers, rural municipalities, independent rental yards and similar customers. New Holland supplies this equipment to sponsors Nascar and Planet to promote the company's green energy platform through biofuels. Its Pro Work Tools also are used to maintain the Arlington National Cemetery.

Dual-Command tractor transmission

The T4 tractor series has been out a couple years. This year the company added a new transmission offering called Dual Command to provide for more gears. The new transmission features 24 forward gears and 24 reverse gears, which take it step above an all-gear transmission and just one step below a semi-powershift. Before you could get only a 12x12 or 8x8 gear transmission. The benefit of having more gears is that you can change gears quickly to get more torque and reach a 25 mph road speed. Also, there's a de-clutch button that lets you shift through four gears without using the foot clutch. Circle 000.

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