Democrat-News to consolidate editions

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 ~ Updated 5:05 PM

Readers of the newsprint edition of The Marshall Democrat-News will see a change in delivery beginning Oct. 1. On that date, we will discontinue publishing the Tuesday and Thursday newsprint editions.

Our editorial staff will continue their seven-day coverage of local events and will post the latest news to our website, just as they do now. Our business office will remain open Monday through Friday.

Most of our operating revenue comes as advertising from businesses in the communities we serve. Economic pressures have forced these retailers to cut back on their advertising, while at the same time, there's been an increase in marketing options brought about by the Internet.

All businesses must adapt to the market in which they operate and this change puts the Democrat-News in the best position to continue our mission for the communities we serve.

This is a cost-cutting initiative, but we believe it will give our newsprint readers a better experience with more in-depth stories and a larger variety of topics in each edition.

As we planned for this change, our newsroom challenged itself to find ways to bring more of our community into focus. Their objective to increase the interaction we have with readers and to give voices to those we seldom hear from has brought exciting new features you'll soon see in print and online.

Our newsroom is working more closely with local schools and organizations and is expanding our library of local profiles, photos and videos. Web and print readers will see more interactive polls and will be able to contribute to stories with their own photos and videos.

Our subscription rates will stay the same and subscribers who have paid in advance will receive a credit that extends their expiration date based on the number of days remaining on their subscription.

We will still offer three levels of subscriptions, with discounts for longer terms. Full Subscriptions will get the newsprint version, access to our e-edition and unlimited website stories. We also offer e-edition and website-only subscriptions, but these readers won't get the inserts and circulars that our Full Subscribers do.

Combined readership of the Democrat-News is at an all-time high and as we continue to adapt to changes in the marketplace, our commitment to the communities we serve will not change. Local newspapers like The Marshall Democrat-News play a critical role in holding local governments accountable, exposing corruption and contributing to the democratic free speech our country was founded upon.

This mission makes no differentiation between printed or online readership and we will adapt based on what citizens and consumers need.

As we make these changes, we encourage you to give us feedback on how we're doing and welcome any suggestions you may have. We also encourage our readers to support our advertisers who have invested their marketing resources with us so that we may continue to provide the local news and information that you have come to depend on.

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