More power, more capacity in new combine line

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Case IH launches 240 combine series for 2015 harvest. Three new models, top two have larger grain tanks too. (Contributed photo from Case IH)

Combines are all about capacity - whether it's room in the grain tank or fuel capacity in the fuel tank for most farmers the answer is "the more the merrier." And for 2015 Case IH is stepping up with a new combine series that will feature upgrades in both of those areas.

Nathan Weinkauf, NAFTA Combine Marketing Manager, comments: "As producers continue to achieve more yield per acre, Case IH combines match their capacity for even more efficient harvesting. The new Axial Flow 7240, 8240 and 9240 combines with larger engines deliver more power, more grain in the tank and more hours of uninterrupted operation." His comments were made in a media release announcing launch of the combine.

Case IH continues to expand the number of machines that use its patented Selective Catalytic Reduction system that meets Tier 4 final engine emissions standards. The company's approach is an SCR-only design that's patented. The company also claims higher fuel economy with the new engine designs as well.

In a media release the company detailed a range of new features for the line. Here's a short list:

More grain tank space: The 8240 and 9240 now feature a 410-bushel grain tank. The larger tank is mated to an auger with an unload rate of 4.5 bushels per second. Those bigger tanks are matched with higher load-rated tires for that added weight too.

Better fuel capacity: With the new combustion process the new models offer improved fuel efficiency. The increased fuel tank capacity on all 240 series combines is designed to allow a full day of harvesting without refilling. A newly designed engine cooling system and vacuum aspirated rotating wand on the stationary air screen are designed for cooler operation and optimum engine efficiency.

Power ramp-up: The engines are tuned for maximum horsepower, according to Case IH. The power plants will also have "very high levels of power rise, which ensure producers can unload on the go without slowing down," according to a media release.

Easier operation: Case IH uses continuously variable transmission drives for efficient power transfer at the rotor and the feeder in the combine. With the bigger engines and up to 75-hp power rise, the CVT drives can handle the demand, the company reports. The CVT drive allows the operator to reverse the rotor to easily "de-slug" the machine. The CVT control of the feeder offers patented header to feeder ground speed control.

Options too: New 2015 combines come pre-wired for a new camera kit that can be factory, or dealer, installed. Other options include 30-inch tracks for specialty crop harvesting, and a ladder extension.

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(This story was published by Farm Industry News on Aug. 18.)