Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Story of the early days in Marshall

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dear Editor:

I just returned home from a sentimental journey up north. As I drove through Marshall, and passed the Lighthouse, memories flooded back. Do you know the story of the early days? How a woman took to heart what she heard about abused women from a guest speaker at a meeting she attended? Was that you, Hugh Harvey, or maybe Tut Bellamy, who first spoke and planted the seed in her heart, that grew to be a shelter and saved multitudes of women and their children? It was just a dream then, and you, Debbie, ignited the fire in the rest of us. You heard their cries, you took action. And yes, you responded to calls in the middle of the night, before there was a shelter, taking women to shelters in adjoining counties. Then there was a building. Scraping and painting, dragging out trash and cleaning up inside. Judy Kays bringing sandwiches and all of us sitting on the floor of the lighthouse eating them. I remember Gene bringing tables in with his big old flatbed truck for the huge garage sale in the parking lot where Patricia's is now. I remember you serving as director for I'm not sure how many years without compensation. For going above and beyond, what any one of us would have done. Oh, yes, Debbie Wallace, I was there in the early days and many more were there, and we haven't forgotten that you are a woman of honesty, integrity and compassion. I know my life, and many, many others have been blessed by yours. God bless you and thank you.

Becky Hill, Doniphan