MDC offers landowner's financial assistance to improve wildlife habitat

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Landowners wishing to improve their land for wildlife and other conservation goals can apply for technical and financial assistance from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Your local MDC private land conservationist (PLC) can come out to your property and give you a wildlife habitat management plan to help you in deciding what type of cost-share would be available for your property.

Cost-share amounts range from 50 to 75 percent and are dependent upon qualification and funding availability. There is a $6,000 per landowner, per year cap for cost-share funding. The program is available July 1 through May 30.

Trained in a wide range of habitat-development approaches, Conservation Department PLCs offer aid in pond management, stream improvement techniques, native-plant restoration and wildlife-friendly agricultural methods.

Some examples of available cost-share practices include:

Open field management: disking, spraying, tree clearing (ex. Honey Locust, Cedar, Hedge), prescribed burning, native grass/wildflower plantings, fence (ex. fencing off woodlands from cattle), wetland development, and wildlife watering impoundment

Timber management: timber stand improvement (TSI), which includes (cutting out the unmerchantable/undesirable trees and leaving the rest), crop tree release, edge feathering, forestry stewardship plans, and tree/shrub planting

If interested, contact MDC Private Land Conservationist for Saline and Howard Counties Seth Moore Private Land Conservationist for Saline and Howard Counties at 660-886-7447 ext. 310 or For Lafayette and Johnson Counties, contact Steve Hoel at 660-747-8400 or