Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Right to farm, wrong for Missouri

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Several years ago, many people worked hard and succeeded in stopping a factory farm from threatening the health and well-being of the historic village of Arrow Rock. Many Missourians have found it necessary to protect their communities and the rights of independent family farmers and residents in those communities from the economic, environmental and health threats of factory farms. Successes have come through a variety of means, but especially through exercising rights to local control.

But did you know that Missouri legislators want to make it virtually impossible for anyone, anywhere in Missouri to protect themselves from the nuisances of factory farms? Amendment 1 was orchestrated by big agribusiness groups and peddled as a way to protect farming in Missouri. But Missouri farmers already have the right to farm!

As it turns out, Amendment 1 strips away the rights of independent farmers and Missouri citizens to protect themselves, and instead essentially gives unlimited rights to big agribusinesses, including factory farms, to operate any way, any place they please. In fact, Amendment 1 could give foreign corporations rights to own Missouri farms and operate anyway they wish.

Just because various big agribusinesses have the money to erect signs, run countless ads and influence our politicians does not mean they are telling the truth about Amendment 1. The truth is that Amendment 1 would allow huge corporations to forever alter our constitution and bypass the democratic process to our rights. Vote NO on the unnecessary, potentially dangerous Amendment 1.

-- Julie Fisher, Columbia