Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Losing someone you love

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear Editor,

One of the hardest things in life is losing someone you love. I lost my husband of nearly 70 years last August and have been going to visit his grave frequently and reminisce about our lives together. Over Memorial Day weekend, along with countless others, I went to the cemetery to again put flowers on the grave and find some peace. I have been patient with the cemetery, Sunset Gardens Cemetery, to take care of the grave properly, and that has yet to occur, nearly a year later. As I looked around the cemetery I became more and more saddened at the condition the cemetery was in. Numerous graves around the cemetery are sunk in, uncared for and simply kept in a disrespectful manner. As I pulled in the cemetery, I noticed that the roads were pretty much just dirt roads that have been washed out by the weather, something that gravel would take care of.

As I become more concerned and saddened by the condition of the cemetery, and made numerous attempts to contact the owner, Josh Fuemmeler, I did some checking as to the differences in the other cemetery here in Marshall. I found that Ridge Park Cemetery, which has blacktop roads, a full staff of workers and a cemetery that is well kept, charges the same price for their grave opening and closing. I also found that Ridge Park charges about the same price for grave spaces. I don't understand how one cemetery can have blacktop roads, a staff of workers and a cemetery that is respectfully kept and the other looks like an old country cemetery that has no care giver.

Needless to say, I am more than disappointed with Sunset Gardens Cemetery. Spending nearly 70 years as husband and wife, and then losing that person is painful enough. Add to that going to the final resting place, the same place I'll also be and finding it to be in total shambles just adds insult to injury. I would simply ask the owner to take care of the cemetery. I realize it is privately owned, but his charges are enough that the cemetery should be well kept. I have tried contacting him, and have learned that many others have as well, and he will not return calls, nor is he doing anything to improve the cemetery. Had I known that I would have to continue my grief, with being so upset about the upkeep of the cemetery, I would have selected a different cemetery.


Evelyn Bailey, Marhsall