Encirca services help unlock the potential of your land, decision ag helps customers use data to increase profitability.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Growers are collecting more on-farm data than ever, and now they can better use this data to make decisions that shape their operation's bottom line. DuPont Pioneer has launched Encirca services, whole-farm solutions that help growers improve their productivity and profitability to unlock the full potential of their land.

Moving from precision ag to decision ag, these services do more than help growers in the field; they provide new input management technologies, enhanced weather information and better marketing and business management tools.

"Growers don't lack data, but having time to compile and sort through information to find useful insights has been a challenge," DuPont Pioneer Director of Services Joe Foresman said. "Encirca services help growers use their data in real time to make the best management decisions when they matter most to their business."

The company is providing certified service agents to help growers evaluate data.

"Certified service agents will help growers use the data they've been collecting to make timely business decisions that help drive productivity and profitability," Foresman said.

A unique view

Pioneer has developed a series of platforms to help customers increase yield. The first platform, Encirca View, is a free mobile-enabled information hub offering organized crop observations and notes, and an industry first -- Community View -- providing real-time aggregated insight into crop conditions and soil moisture ratings. Access it by visiting www.encirca.pioneer.com or by downloading mobile app versions and creating a free account.

Encirca View includes My View, which makes it easy to record, organize and share crop observations. Using the mobile app, notes are automatically geo-referenced so you can pinpoint improvements and layer information field by field. My View can toggle between years to see historical trends, helping support informed decisions year to year.

Community View provides real-time information on crop conditions, growth stages and soil moisture updated daily by thousands of people literally in the field.

Growers can upgrade to fee-based Encirca View premium. Powered by DTN/The Progressive Farmer, it's a service that provides enhanced, real-time market and weather data. Subscribers will receive additional information as well as a DTN weather station to record on-farm conditions.

"With Encirca View premium, growers will have access to growing conditions, growth stages, soil moisture, pest and disease pressure and detailed weather information," DuPont Pioneer Senior Business Manager for Services Dan Uppena said.

Cost includes a one-time installation fee for the weather station(s) and a monthly subscription fee. Growers can view other stations within the DuPont Pioneer network for a detailed perspective of weather conditions near them and throughout the country. Encirca View premium participants determine the name displayed for their station.

Certified service agents

Encirca services will be able to deliver significant value per acre to growers who take part. Certified service agents will be trained specifically to work with growers to facilitate decisions based on data.

"We're making a commitment to customers to provide trained experts to work with each operation on implementing these valuable services," Foresman says. "Certified service agents will help growers get started with the services, provide consultation for management decisions and provide technical service."

Continuing progress

Encirca View provides an upgrade to Pioneer Field360 Notes. All data stored in Pioneer Field360 Notes will migrate to the new Encirca View account. Other Pioneer Field360 services will continue, including Pioneer Field360 Select, Pioneer Field360 Agronomy Tools and Pioneer Field360 Studio.

Growers can make better use of the technologies available with today's equipment, including variable-rate seeding, variable-rate fertilizers and more precise use of other key inputs.

Nitin Khanna, DuPont Pioneer director of services said, "Prescriptions will be tailored to individual farmers and individual fields. We'll have the ability to work with any brand of equipment and use the data collected to help growers develop solutions."

Independent of brands

Encirca services offers flexibility to work with any equipment.

"Farmers want choices when it comes to the types of equipment they use that generates and collects the precision data," Foresman adds. "We're working with many equipment companies to offer that."

For example, Pioneer is working with John Deere on their MyJohnDeere program, a wireless data transfer system. Equipment in the field sends data to computers, where analysis can begin almost immediately.

This reduces the risks of losing data. It eliminates the need to protect data cards because data goes directly to a protected, secure site. Growers own their own data and decide who can see it. They can work with certified service agents to develop field prescriptions by management zones.

"Real-time data means real-time decisions," Foresman said. "A grower can be in the field collecting data as the software is working on prescriptions. Once uploaded and the analysis completed, the grower can retrieve management options in hours and soon be applying fertilizer exactly where it's needed at the right rate."

Enhanced soil maps

Pioneer also is working with the University of Missouri and the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) to pool soil mapping resources, predictive technologies and expertise to help growers improve crop yields more sustainably through better nitrogen application management and other field input planning.

The project will provide vastly improved soil mapping resolution. It involves Pioneer technology that uses digital elevation information along with public soil surveys. The collaboration will result in more accurate, higher-resolution soil mapping units that will enable improved placement and management of crop inputs such as nitrogen fertilizer.

A harvest platform

DuPont Pioneer will launch a second platform, Encirca Yield, to help growers with input management practices. Yield data combined with ERUs will fuel real-time management plans to help growers with decisions on seed, fertility, irrigation and other crop inputs helping to drive profitability. Encirca Yield is projected to launch later this year. Look for more information during the growing season.

"Encirca services with the aid of a certified service agent will be a valuable investment for growers," Foresman said. "We're continuing to help growers find better ways to make money from their on-farm data."