MVC presents 'The Ives Have It'

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Missouri Valley College Division of Fine Arts presents "The Ives Have It," an assortment of four, short, one-act plays, written by American Playwright David Ives at 7:30 p.m., May 1-3, in the Morris Experimental Theatre.

Ives is known for his short, bizarre comedies. Each act in the production is directed by an MVC student. The assortment of plays includes "Variations on the Death of Trotsky," "English Made Simple," "Ancient History," and "Words, Words, Words."

"Variations on the Death of Trotsky," directed by Taylor Castillo, senior, from Ashland, fictionalizes the death of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky through a number of distinct variations. The act exploits Trotsky's self-awareness as he grips with the facts of his impending demise. It features Josh Tag, senior, from Redmond, Wash., as Leon Trotsky; Mathilde Meyenberg, sophomore, from Berlin, Germany, as Mrs. Trotsky; and Nicholas Aragon, senior, from Anaheim, Calif., as Ramone.

"English Made Simple," directed by Cailynn Davidson, senior, from Mokane, is a romantic comedy full of twists and turns. The play explores the idea of freedom as a blank canvas in a world of infinite possibility. It features MVC students Carl Lawrence, senior, from Sullivan, as the male lead; Camille Wadlington, junior, from Bakersfield, Calif., as the female lead; and Jessica D'Amico, sophomore, from Imperial, as the artist.

"Ancient History," directed by Matthew Ford, senior, from Marshall, is a play that demonstrates how quickly a seemingly perfect relationship can shatter in one crazy night. It features Richard Spahr, freshman, from Sedalia, as Jack, the male lead; and Samantha Hill, sophomore, from Independence, as Ruth, the female lead.

"Words, Words, Words," directed by Heather Hill, senior, from Versailles, is about Kafka, Miton and Swift, three chimpanzees who are put in a cage together under the experimental eye of a never seen Dr. Rosenbaum, a scientist testing the hypothesis that three apes hitting keys at random on typewriters for an infinite amount of time will produce the Shakespeare classic, "Hamlet." The cast consists of Taylor Peecksen, freshman, from Savannah, Ga., as Swift; Tyrone Harris, sophomore, from St. Louis, as Milton; and Phillip Fowler, senior, from San Diego, Calif., as Kafka.

The performances are free and open to the public. The house will open at 7 p.m. nightly. The plays contain mature language and themes. For more information contact Harold Hynick at or 660-831-4052.

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