Saline County Commission approves changes to county emergency plan

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Saline County Emergency Management Director Russ Donnell and Marshall Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Tony Day attended the Saline County Commission meeting Thursday, April 24, to discuss the changes to two annexes and one appendix to an annex in the county's emergency operations plan.

Annex O, the catastrophic event annex, has been worked on for around four months at the request of the State Emergency Management Association. They used an earthquake in southern Missouri as the example for the catastrophic event.

"Our function would be to resupply people and get them on to shelters ... Our main function is going to be setting up a point of distribution ... to set up and serve 1,660 cars or 5,000 people in one day," Donnell said. "Tony and I have been working on this. Our concept was rather than bring them into Marshall, ... we're going to close off Old Highway 40 from say YY to EE to one lane of traffic only. We'll use one lane to set up the services. We'll use trucks to set up the water, food, gasoline or if we need first aid."

Donnell said they hope this reduces the traffic going into and out of Marshall as people head to shelter. The SEMA representative said they came up with an unique, usable plan.

With the cooperation of the Marshall Police Department, Sheriff's Department and with the review of the Missouri Highway Patrol, the law enforcement annex, Annex E, has been updated and approved.

The appendix to Annex M was a mortuary plan in the event of a mass fatality, and was reviewed by the coroner.

The commission approved all the changes.

The commission approved a voided check and one reissued. Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner noted the county will receive an award from the National Park Service at the National Trail Center in Independence for putting up signs marking the Santa Fe Trail. County Clerk Debbie Russell said she attended a meeting in Jefferson City on Wednesday about changes to the early election laws and voter identification cards. She said the county should be ready for some changes.

At the Tuesday, April 22, commission meeting, the commissioners reviewed the CART report. The county received $59,031.38 for April 2014, around $500 more than the county collected in April 2013.

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