Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Educators say learning environment is insufficient

Monday, March 31, 2014

We were raised in Marshall, attended K - 12 in the Marshall Public School system, and received teaching degrees from Missouri Valley College. We enjoyed teaching at Bueker Middle School for a combined 44 years. We currently substitute teach in MPS. It continues to be a privilege to help educate the children of Marshall.

We were lucky to attend neighborhood schools where we took great pride in being a Southeast Rebel and a Benton Bomber. There was such a sense of ownership and community among students, staff and parents. Opportunities as a sixth grader to mentor younger students is a priceless memory. Talk about a motivating, self-esteem builder! Since neighborhood schools are not a possibility for our educational system in 2014, a new elementary complex has the promise of providing these learning opportunities for K - 5 students. We were fortunate, in that, as students, we benefited from a community who found ways to generate revenue to meet the educational needs of our district. Now, it is our turn.

We have experienced, first-hand, the mounting educational and basic needs in our schools. Technology in the classrooms and labs is not sufficient. Bathroom facilities are not adequate for the growing number of students. Crowded conditions in classrooms and hallways are not conducive to learning. Nor, are temperatures that require students and faculty to wear winter coats and gloves for days when the boiler is in need of repair AGAIN. Continuing to put a Band-Aid on these problems is not a remedy.

Let's make sure the kids in our district know that the citizens of this community care about them and their education. We understand that an additional tax will be a sacrifice, however, we would ask that you make that investment in order to improve not only the educational environment for the children, but the economic development of Marshall. After all, they go hand in hand. Please join us in voting "YES" on April 8.

Jacque Hare and Janet Bryan, Marshall
Retired Marshall Public Schools educators