Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Buildings are substandard

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Marshall Public Schools have served my children and your children very well, often preparing them for advanced degrees and success. The buildings were adequate during those decades, but have now become substandard, not only in regard to lack of space to experiment with innovative programs and deteriorating structures, but also in regard to safety from intruders (an unfortunate reality we must all face in 2014.)

The district has patched and painted to the best of its ability, but it is time to move on. Few of us would live in houses that have the problems these buildings are presenting.

The achievement scores are at an all-time low. Now these new buildings alone will not fix all of our problems, but our school system has programs on hand that it is unable to facilitate because of lack of space or inadequate infrastructure. This is a crisis.

We are behind and we need to start catching up. I ask you to step up and help this school system to move forward with education.

We are talking about our most precious commodity that this community produces, $1.50 per $100 seems a very small price to pay for our kids. These kids are our future leaders of Marshall, the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, mayor and Marshall School Board.

Will you come with me and others to save our children, to give them the opportunity to achieve the best education possible and in the best learning environment?

If not now, when?

Dan Fahnestock
Citizen's Advisory Committee Member