Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Flawed systems

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hating children and their families. What do Common Core and building a new school facility have in common to giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Please love the children enough to care about their eternity, anything less is just dust. Do not be lured in and deceived by pretty rhetoric at the local, state and national level by puppets to the system.

I am not going to rehash information about Common Core which is brought forward at the national level by liars and murderers. It is a national curriculum that will have teachers teaching to the test as they are doing in other areas of the country, and it will be controlled by a top down government influence on the children and families. There are hundreds of professors, hundreds of thousands of teachers and millions of parents that love the children who are behind stopping Common Core.

Would you knowingly give aid and comfort to any enemy determined to hurt, kill and enslave you and everyone that you love and know? Or, worse yet, would you sit back in silence and let anyone put the children at risk of going to hell for eternity? The government education system has been a big part of this problem, as they teach an atheistic system against God, family and country.

Yes, in many ways we have been traitors out of ignorance or laziness or fear, and we must do some things to rectify our culpability that caused the moral decay and loss of children's moral and eternal lives. I heard an administrator when spoken to about this, try to lay it off on and blame the parents, parents that they taught in a flawed system they are promoting. Yes, I can say to the parent you need to be the first ones to give the children a base, because you won't get any help in the government schools bringing them closer to God, because you may be told they are not in the business of caring about children's souls for eternity, even though they have a closed system that indoctrinates the children, and some of that is against God, family and country.

Tax levies control your property where you never own it without having someone steal from your family. Are you your brother's keeper, or is it like the education system overall, that teaches it is about self? Yes the Architecture firm and engineers will sound good, they are in business to make money off of the children's families in school districts, and they will always try to do a good dog and pony show and help you to market in such a way to convince the people to spend the money. And put the burden on the children and families. Also, because this increase if for so much money, the tax increase will almost be 50 percent and they know that it would be tough to get people to vote themselves and others with that increase, so play the system and lower the number of votes they need to pass this.

Common Core and the tax levy are connected to a broken system against God, family and country. Please truly have the love, care and courage for the children and families that is the only love that matters, their souls for eternity. Jesus said you are either with me or against me, you either gather with me or you scatter. The education system is definitely not with HIM, and they do not gather for HIM. And listen again to Scripture, "to know what to do and not do it, is a sin."

-- Gregory Thompson, Marshall