Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Sure it will cost us, but won't it be worth the cost for childrens' future

Friday, March 28, 2014

To my friends and those who may not be after you read these thoughts,

I came to Marshall from Oklahoma City in the late 1950s with a new Oklahoma wife, a baby and a lot of confidence in my ability to sell furniture. I had $10,600 saved up and an old father (Doc Sam Mead) in Slater to back me. Marshall has been good to me ever since we raised a son and daughter here and proud of both of them. Two grandkids here since are making me proud again and both educated in our present school system. I even served on the Marshall School Board. We have a lot of good teachers and a few who may have not measured up, but anyhow Marshall kids have done okay. Our buildings, not our children, have gone downhill to the point (like wee old me) where we can do something about it if we start this new program while we have the chance. The people from superintendent down through the grades have spent a lot of time, research and study on where to begin. They should know how to put us on a level with education of our times and we should be willing to dig down to help them. Sure, it will cost us some money, might even some extra vacation time, or an extra fishing trip, or some hamburger instead of steak, but when our kids go out into the world of electronics and an unbelievable future about which a lot of us will never see or know about. Won't it be worth what it costs us?

Thanks a million again for the way you welcomed Lela and me to Marshall and the way you supported a guy from Slater. Let's support our kids and our school system the same way.

-- H. Clay Mead, Marshall
Retired business owner