Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Proposed S.T.E.M. addition will benefit children

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear fellow Marshall residents,

As the parents of two middle school and two high school children in the Marshall Public School District, we are excited that our 90-plus year-old elementary buildings will be replaced with buildings geared for teaching children of the 21st century. In addition, the proposed plan of a "S.T.E.M." (science, technology, engineering and math) addition to the high school will be something some of our children will see come to fruition if the people of Marshall vote "yes" on April 8. The S.T.E.M. addition will provide necessary classrooms and modern laboratory space that will increase interest and achievement in these subject areas -- that which is critical to our 21st century world. The proposed site plan will connect the current Saline County Career Center and the main high school building and eliminate the need for students to go in-and-out multiple times a day for classes, thus providing increased security and accessibility for our students. Education is the foundation for success of our children and future of our community. Please join us in voting "yes" on April 8! We can be proud of providing our children with buildings designed to enhance learning and spaces equipped for technology and modern teaching methods. Our children and community deserve this!


-- Darin & Sarah Haug, Marshall
Fitzgibbon Hospital Emergency Room Physician
Missouri Valley Lab School Employee