Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Proposed tax levy presents problem for those on fixed income

Friday, March 28, 2014

Editor's note: The total cost of the project is estimated at $45 million, not half billion dollars.

There have been so many interesting letters written about the tax levy. I particularly liked Dr. Ed Richard's letter. However, all have valid points. Even though I am on a fixed income and not an "important" citizen I suppose, I have an opinion and a vote.

I have many loved ones with children in this school system. Just like at Christmas we always want to give our children or grandchildren the best we can afford and even what we cannot afford. So like that, here we are with this tax levy.

It is almost a half billion dollar tax burden. The schools feed several hundred children in the summer or some wouldn't have the food they need. I know some of these families. The town seems to be one of a few landlords and many renters. Our rents here are equal to Oak Grove, Blue Springs and on into Kansas City. The blue collar people that pay these rents are going to suffer. I am afraid if this passes because this cost will go on to the families and hurt people who can't hardly make it now.

It is an unreasonable amount. We must be so careful at this time of economic crisis to give as much as we can to help the children, but not more than we can afford. This is an extravagant amount. Perhaps a plan that was not so comprehensive would have been received better by some. I am against the tax levy because of the horrid amount of debt we are going to be taking on and not because the schools and children don't need a new school.

-- Carol Cornine-Brown, Marshall
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