Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Prospective teachers weigh options for teaching positions

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Imagine a really great teacher weighing whether to accept a position teaching in a Marshall elementary building or in a building in Sedalia or in a building in Columbia. In a Marshall elementary building, the teacher will fight a roof leak, brown water, drafty windows, cracks in the walls, not enough electrical outlets for modern education, poor lighting, missing floor tiles, lack of space, lack of storage, and lack of safe rooms in case of intruders. In addition, this terrific teaching candidate might be assigned to a classroom in a hallway, in a trailer, on a stage in a gymnasium, under a stairwell, or to share a classroom or lab with other teachers. Where do you think this really great teacher will choose to accept a position? How can Marshall continue to attract the best teachers when other districts that are competing with Marshall can offer a much better work environment?

Imagine a businessperson or a doctor touring Marshall to consider re-locating to our town. How will we measure up when compared with other communities who are also anxious to recruit that business or doctor? Will that professional want to raise his/her children in a community that (from the appearance of its school buildings) does not seem to value the education of its children? We citizens complain how our wonderful little town seems to be spiraling downward. Are we going to just watch it deteriorate and let the new businesses and service-providers locate in other communities?

Now imagine the teacher, businessperson or service-provider touring Marshall and seeing the modern schools built and improved by this levy proposal. I believe Marshall stands a much better chance of attracting great teachers, new jobs and more service-providers with better school facilities.

The generations who came before us kept the opportunities in Marshall equal to the surrounding towns. They voted for improvements and paid their fair share to ensure expenditures were comparable to other communities. They were civic-minded, unselfish and patriotic, and we were proud of our town and our educational system. Let us choose to leave the same legacy for the generations that will follow us by voting for the levy proposal on April 8.

-- Ginger McGraw, Marshall
Retired Marshall High School Biology and Physiology teacher